Lateral Partners was formed in September 2015 to allow the founding staff the freedom to pursue clients they enjoy working with, whilst taking advantage of new technologies to provide streamlined and effective service offerings.


Innovative Accounting 
& Business
since 2015.

Through our previous experiences we recognised legacy systems, archaic business practices, and structures which led to staff disenchantment, all provide hurdles for what we are really here to provide our clients.


We have made the deliberate decision to remain a boutique firm to enable us to be fast acting on technology and legislative changes, nimble and focused in undertaking client assignments and flexible in how we interact with our clients.


This allows us to tailor solutions, think outside the box, and keeps us on our toes!

But don't let our size fool you, we work with some very high profile groups, and have associations with some of the largest firms in Australia.


Flying under the radar is just how we like it.